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Sienna Cleaners

At Sienna Cleaners, we offer the highest level of quality for all of today's finest fashions, from your custom made tailored suit, to your weekend casual wear and even your little black dress. Sienna Cleaners has state of the art equipment to insure each garment gets the care it deserves. Careful cleaning and hand finishing insures your clothes will look and feel like new.

Sienna Cleaners also realizes that in today's busy professional world, saving time is essential. We also our customers a quality pickup and delivery service. Call the location near you to schedule a pickup, or for more information.

Environmentally Green & Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

Sienna Cleaning has an uncompromising policy when it comes to protecting the world environment. This is why we chose the world's best manufacturers of dry cleaning equipment.

By continued research and development using the latest in technology and engineering, Sienna Cleaners offers the most ecologically safe machines available today. With careful consideration for environment issues, each and every machine was designed to function within strict guidelines while remaining very easy for the customer to operate and maintain. At the same time...our machines protect the environment and are a friend of both.


At Sienna Cleaners your clothes will get the best attention to quality and details.

Together with top of the line equipment, experienced and knowledgeable staff and very high standards concerning our environment, you are guaranteed to have your cloths taken care off by one of the best dry cleaners in Houston.

We'll go out of our way to "impress" you with exceptional service!